2 June – Strawberry surprise

All is spring and going, growing gradual fruit…
till stop!
A sudden surprise shouts bright.
What’s this traffic light change among the leaves?
Two plump pioneers of summer gleam among the green,
scarlet beacons of a nearly season nigh.
And quickly June tastes like July;
zesty, sweet and juicy red ripe.
With one sight,
and just one irresistible,
little bite,
here comes all that flavour zinging and singing –
exploding the promise of picnics,
parties, schools-out and pimms,
of bunting and beaches,
and long-lingering evenings,
of lanterns, longing and lazy bliss.
Here it is all at once now,
all together in a rush now –
a choice premonition of holiday
boldly trespassing my everyday,
like the scent of next door’s barbecue
or a curlew’s call to the wild.

2 June - Strawberry surprise