3 June – Rainy day

It’s back again,
pressing pause on life al fresco,
putting a dampener on
day three of thirty appointed wild.

Cats and dogs,
drizzle and mizzle –
we need the whole soggy symphony of words
to shower down
when we’re so often left bemoaning it
in fifty flinty tones of exasperated grey!

Drat that smudger of pictures,
the infamous drowner of parties.
Blast that endless wet-wiper-outer of best laid plans!

But today, instead, I grant it absolution;
re-name it simply, relief,
and secretly, gleefully cheer it on:
“rain, rain don’t go away
don’t wait until another day”

Go on, join the song…

Clap as it waters the garden!
Welcome the softening of hard, hard ground!
Enjoy it diluting mercury risen and remaining…
day after day,
in a most un-English way!

Cherish shutting the doors
and love living your inside life,
set free from the burning compulsion
to bask in every moment
of rare British sun.
Admit you share our natural, national condition –
you were actually also quite missing the rain!

3 July - Rainy day