15 June – Swallow lake

The scene is set,
the light is dipped,
this evening’s show
is eagerly sought.
I take to my bench,
it’s about to commence,
the stage is wide with
white crested blue…

Flick, flick, dive,
flick, flip, glide,
leap, turn and dare-devil drop.
Flick, flick, dart,
flick, flip, pass,
loop, stretch and somersault rise.

Who choreographs
this wild wind dance
to secret, silent score?
Their seemingly effortless dramatics
in synchronised floating acrobatics
deserve a standing ovation.
The near misses,
the close crosses,
the warp, the weft, the scatter.
The duets,
the trios,
the whole troupe in full flow,
the joy, the high jinx, the wonder.
From premiere in May
to September’s curtain call day,
you’ll find me here, sat in awe.
Lingering to watch,
night after night,
this dazzling aerial ballet.

15 June - Swallow lake