23 June – Honeysuckle high

Strung across the sycamore stump
and among holly and hawthorn hedge,
are bunches of pale fairy lights bobbing
and twinkling between the green.
Almost always just out of my reach,
but determined to follow its climb,
I stand on tiptoe beneath,
a seeker of perfect highs.
Gently bending a string towards me,
sweet intoxication is mine,
all at once, delicately hushed, in the garden,
posh hand creams and candles fill my mind.
I wonder if I’ll ever find myself
rewilded quite nearly enough
for nature’s purest pleasures
to stop reminding me of man-made stuff.
It’s a beautiful, layered sensation,
all that luxury echoing round,
but it leaves me quietly curious
can true honeysuckle highs still be found?

23 June - Honeysuckle high