6 August – Buddleia bonanza

Suddenly they’re everywhere
with rocket lollipops bright,
colour and fragrance luring
intoxicated insects to delight.
The bush at the end of the lawn
teems with hustle and bustle,
butterflies, bees and stranged-wingees
all competing for who has the muscle
to down the very best nectar and pollen
before closing time comes
and bloom ends,
and spears bend,
and flowers spend
their last drops of the good stuff all out
and down to the ground.
Even today in the pouring rain,
Buddleia’s open to visitors again.
A bumble bee looking for cover
hangs on upside-down and under;
yesterday’s lollipop fast becoming umbrella –
the perfect shelter from inclement weather.
So if you want to draw a crowd
and do not mind your buzzing loud,
do the tiny world a favour,
plant a stash of their favourite flavour.