31 August – Wild wood wander

Old Spring Wood seemed quiet,
still and empty of all life
but the trees
and me
walking under them
in peace.
No bird song or greetings
from people or dogs,
just the trees
and me
walking under them
at ease.
When suddenly, like electricity vibrating in the air
I’m surrounded by loud thrumming all around, everywhere.
The source? Invisible though I look in every direction.
The result? An incomparably unnerving sensation.
If I didn’t know better I’d suspect some kind of haunting,
but the reality is actually almost as daunting.
There must be thousands of them above me, wasps or bees,
hidden swarms gathering en masse in the canopy of trees.
I speed up my pace, feeling considerably on edge
till I’m out through the gate and past the boundary hedge.
Pleased to be back on to safer, silent ground,
I walk on in relief, trying to process what I found.
But the next time I return
to brave Old Spring Wood,
all is calm and tranquil,
sounding vacant as it should.