4 September – Friday foraging

We find a delicious recipe for hedgerow cake,
which we cannot resist trying to make.
So we climb the hills and scour the wayside for brambles,
getting stung, scratched and temporarily entangled
with the bushes that bear the confection we need
to make the wild concoction we long to eat.
And even though my hands are scarred and raw,
tinged with purple that wasn’t there before,
it was worth all the effort and the prickling thorns
to slowly forage for a beautiful black store,
and to enjoy the slowing, calming sensation
of picking the ingredients for a new creation.
We return laden with piles of juicy loot,
mix the sweet batter, then add our fruit,
and when it’s all baked, iced and served
it feels so satisfyingly well deserved…
but shhh, we picked enough to make more
with nothing like the work it took before.
And I suspect I’ll still enjoy the next one immensely,
even without picking one single blackberry!

4 September - Friday foraging