12 September – Miracle aviator

It is common to praise the ariel displays
of swallows, kestrels and kites
as they paint the sky in beauty
with their dances, hovers and glides.
But today my sights are lower,
much closer to the ground,
where the weightier wood pigeon
is so often to be found.
Here is a true miracle of fantastic feathered flight
as frantic wings whistle and flap with all their might.
Somehow the pigeon is conquering the air,
even though the odds seem staggeringly unfair.
The din overhead carries hints of impending dread,
it always seems each one might just crash land instead!
The effort it takes just to clear the garden gate
suggests they were designed for a walking fate,
yet with ideas wildly above their station,
they’re trying their best at amateur aviation.
But watch them when they’re distant and high,
using momentum’s speed to fall,
and you’ll realise extreme descent
is their true airborne call.
Seeing them soundlessly ride
the downward current’s flow,
suddenly they look born to fly,
elegant and graceful from far below.

12 September - Miracle aviator