14 September – Picnic crashers

In my defence, the wind started it –
stealing a piece of popcorn
out of my unsuspecting hand
and hurling it onto the path.
An explosive act
detonating a debris of gulls
as eye after eye sizes up
our bench as the main chance.
A black headed battalion lines up,
swaggering and cawing
like a gang of drunken louts
lowering the tone of the park.
I am led astray,
courting their absurd strutting
by scattering more provocation
to keep them keen and close.
My cackles grow louder than theirs,
and that and the swooping flapping
leads you to plead for mercy
to finish your sandwich in peace.
But I am hooked on hilarity
and continue my mischief
all the way through lunch,
much to the delight of our uninvited guests.