26 September – Downpipe drama

The downpipe was emanating a strange fluttering sound,
so we gingerly took it apart to see what would be found.
We expected a butterfly who’d somehow lost its way
rather than a coal tit turned miner, tunnelling for the day.
What possessed it to dive down our gutter’s water slide,
it was, of course, utterly unable to confide.
We set it, bedraggled and dazed, to dry out in the sun
and trust it fully recovered, for later it was gone.
The very next Thursday, while drinking our morning tea,
what should we chance to look out the window and see
but a coal tit perched on the buddleia in the pouring rain…
I’m hoping, if it’s the same one, it won’t get drenched again!

26 September - Downpipe drama