29 September – Autumn devotee

If I could, I’d spend all of Autumn’s precious days
chasing the changing up the country’s motorways.
I’d drink deep colour all the way from coast to coast,
moving on before it faded to brown so I could boast
the biggest dose of blazing leaves one person ever saw,
a greater drenching in acorn rain than anyone had before.
I would gather vast bouquets of perfect poppy heads
and make giant installations of all the beautiful living dead.
I would feast on fruit from every corner of the isle
and stir great batches of sticky jam all the while.
I would absorb the abundance, immersed in every vivid sensation
till there was no time left for that feeling of consternation
that creeps and persists as the grey also builds,
and paints a counterpoint of gloom to all that glorious gild.
This is how I’d choose to celebrate all that Autumn has to give
and rise above the dampening bleak to truly, fully live.