1 October – The light seekers

Did you ever see the wonder of light painting plants before your eyes,
like an escapee science experiment in the laboratory of the wild?
In primary school we shut beans in the dark to see what they would do,
and were amazed to watch the staggering heights to which they desperately grew
to find the light they needed to transform white into thriving green,
to look again like the healthy shoots we’d previously always seen.
This year, inspired by the neighbours, I bought Autumn crocus bulbs,
and we’re watching the sun paint them purple as their light-seeking petals unfold.
Tucked away in their paper bag, they had already started to flower,
but were pure delicate white before feeling the sun’s magic pen power.
Now I’m reminded of this colour play, I look for it all around
and find creeping veins pumping green into shrubs on shaded ground.
But I have to rest my brain after thinking so hard about the biology
that conjures such incredible shifts with a touch of illuminosity.