2 October – An unlikely club

It’s customary to see clubs of birds perching on a telegraph wire,
but not ones including a predator among objects of its own desire.
That’s why we didn’t so much look, as openly stand and gawk
when a charm of goldfinches sat comfortably – next to a sparrowhawk!
What on earth possessed them all to court danger so brazenly;
to nestle next to a creature who would regard them as its tea?
I know there’s strength in numbers, but did they do it for a dare;
goading each other on to seek thrills by precariously staying there?
Hearts in mouths, we watched them, waiting for one to call chicken and flee,
but they all remained there resolute, standing their ground recklessly.
Thankfully they did react when their neighbour took ominous flight,
bouncing away delightedly without suffering a single bite!