3 October – Empty skies

I know there are other birds
still painting our broad, bright skies,
but I can’t help seeing emptiness
when the swallows have said their goodbyes.
I know there are other Springs
that will bring them back to me,
but I can’t help feeling bereft
every time they take their leave.
I know there are other people
longing for their arriving,
but I wish I could keep them near
while ensuring Winter thriving.
I know it must be a lure,
visiting multiple nations,
but I wish they’d give up their tours
and consider a nice long staycation.
I know they deserve acclaim
for flying six thousand miles,
but I’d be much more impressed
if they’d just not go, once in a while.
I know they need African sun
to warm their artistic wings,
but still, I lament their loss
as Autumn’s most painful thing.

3 October - Empty skies