9 October – Rooting

I have put my roots down here,
but they are new and shallow
next to yours.
Mighty Oak,
how many of my lifetimes
have you lived here
watching settlers walk past,
towering over the bankside path
as it erodes towards you?
I am impressed, yes – with half the world –
by your staggering height,
your broad shoulders
and wide sheltering arms
that seem to carry the sky.
But your roots captivate me most,
exposed by the water to reveal their true power.
Fingers of weaving strength sifting,
moving the earth,
grasping huge boulders,
twisting, turning,
steadying the ground
as much as yourself.
Teach me how to root like you,
to spread my palms wide in this soil,
coil myself back around the real;
and have and hold my belonging
here, on actual ground.