15 October – Left behind

Why are you still here, October Swallow?
Your swoop is long gone, how can you follow?
Will you try to navigate the currents alone?
When did you discover you were all on your own?
Were you caught sleeping while the others stole away?
Are you pathologically late, or are you just afraid?
Is this your first winter? Have you flown the route before?
Have you any premonition of what is in store?
I see the panic in your flight as you search the empty skies
for any other travellers accidentally left behind.
Two weeks ago I wished all the swallows had remained,
but now I find I’m wishing you were far, far away.
I’m willing you to beat impossible odds triumphantly,
to fly six thousand miles alone, to arrive miraculously.
I don’t know if you can get there, but I’ll hope with all my heart
that you’ll make it to Africa if you’re brave enough to start.

15 October - Left behind