18 October – Hotel of horrors

I thought the results would be predictable
when I decided to be more hospitable
to creatures exhausted by flying and creeping;
any minibeast looking for a safe place to sleep in.
I established my bug hotel resort with pride,
congratulating myself on protecting those inside;
a five star shelter offering only the best,
a luxury holiday, a first class nest.
(I’d followed the experts’ advice to the letter,
it would be hard to build anything better.)
So imagine my shock when instead of offering rehab,
I found I’d unwittingly created a deadly trap.
What I had designed as retreat accommodation
was commandeered by blue tits seeking feeding stations!
All those sleepy residents, enjoying comfort and style
had been lamentably lured into somewhere horribly hostile.
It just goes to show when you get involved with nature,
you’re not always in control, and that is the danger!