19 October – Murmuration

Starlings suspended in air,
whispering silent conversation,
miming complex charades of shapes
in ebbing, flowing synchronisation.
A shimmering shoal of black
rippling with tides of turning wing,
a seamless fabric floating dance,
an almost mystical thing.
I long to join the swarm,
to warp and weft with feather in flight,
to harness the power of wind
to be in the swell, at one with the might;
to swirl in a soup of bird,
a temporary twister let loose in the clouds,
to help cover the tops and fields
with extraordinarily beautiful shrouds.
But it’s enough to stand below
and drink in the awe-inspiring sensation
of marvelling at the mirages
of a shifting murmuration.

19 October - Murmuration