20 October – Neighbourhood hooligans

I didn’t see who did it
but I’m on to their kind,
though they won’t really care
just how much I mind
them covering my wood stain
with their foul graffiti,
spoiling my fresh paint job
so utterly brazenly.
Hours of work invested
to make the wood shed smart,
now they’ve sprayed it with their filth,
have they absolutely no heart?
What’s the point of scrubbing it clean
when I know they will return,
after all, I put it in their space,
when will I ever learn?
How are they supposed to know
what is tree and what is not?
And if they could tell the difference,
why would they give a diddly squat?
So let this be a lesson
to me and to you,
you can call it ‘garden furniture’
but they’ll still name it ‘loo’!