21 October – Apple picking

Standing on tiptoe to reach, twist and pluck
fresh from the tree gives you quite a rush.
Better than posh piles stacked high in supermarket aisles,
one imperfect apple picked yourself is superior by miles.
Feeling the rounded weight in your lucky hand
next to the tree that gave it helps you understand
the worth of what you hold, and the time it took to grow;
a brand new revelation of what you already know.
Surveying your bounty now, you recognise it as treasure,
magnifying the joy of juicy, crunching pleasure.
Visit an orchard if you can, meet different varieties,
their names will entrance you with their possibilities.
The Russet tastes like pear, the Sunset’s sweet as pie,
put Blenheim Oranges in crumbles to serve up Autumn highs.
Gather them all in October before it is too late,
if there’s too many to eat, it’s the perfect excuse to bake!
But don’t forget the wonder of seeing them on the tree,
grasping them one by one, savouring the moment deliciously.