30 October – Field trip

Trudging the high ridged furrows,
hoping we’ve found the right track,
eyes down on uneven ground,
trusting it matches the map.
When suddenly our boot vibrations
unwittingly disturb a scrape,
a Jackrabbit-in-the-box leaps up
and hares across the field at pace.
We watch its bounding beauty,
marvelling at wild sprinting grace,
a little, long-eared cheetah
winning the British land-speed race.
Its form gleams bright in the low light,
its movements are sure and bold.
In every sense, for me,
this mammal claims the gold.
The field is transformed to film set,
the hike elevated to legend,
what a moment ago was chore,
I wish would never come to an end.
I will the hare to stay with us
but of course he is bent on retreat,
and the cause of constant freedom
that is hard-wired into his feet.

30 October - Field trip