31 October – Arachnid invasion

Have you noticed, as the nights draw in,
an arachnid invasion also begins?
It’s the same every year, around this time,
spiders boldly proclaiming ”your house is also mine”.
I thought invitations worked the other way,
that the owners decided who was welcome to stay.
But at least eight legged friends don’t frighten me any more,
at least not the little ones, not like they did before.
I used to scream for rescue from any creeping long leg,
crying out for my dad to clear up every spider mess!
Now I have grown adept at sharing the same space
without cowering in the corner or shouting down the place.
Good job, as they’re clearly making themselves at home,
and I have next to no control over where they choose to roam.
Oh well, the more the merrier, isn’t that what everyone says?
Though I don’t suppose they’re referring to prolonged arachnid stays!

31 October - Arachnid invasion