1 November – Francis’ footsteps

Teach me, like you, to be an instrument of peace,
to walk lightly on this planet with careful feet;
to celebrate what I see rather than extract or dominate,
to love each part of creation for its own sacred sake.
Teach me, like you, to recognise my kin
in brother wind, sister water, and every familial living thing;
to see the wonder of Creator spun into vista and vole,
to marvel at each detail and the vast, breathtaking whole.
Teach me, like you, to come alongside the earth,
to kneel in humility and elevate her worth;
to speak as her champion, urge protection for her young,
to continue in your footsteps as I have begun.
Teach me, like you, to walk slower than I have,
to be ready for rescue moments, and to give the help I can;
to turn my hands to your cause and join in your song,
to praise God with greater reverence for where I belong.