17 November – Fly-off

The curtains go up
on an early morning show
as Kite, Crow and Sparrowhawk
fight a fly-off in the glow.
”Wings at dawn!”
is their battle cry
as each competing warrior
claims the same sky.
Mobbing, jeering, swooping,
executing elegant aggression,
each one is determined
to make no concessions.
Who will win the territory
and dominate the air?
None of them are interested
in trying to play fair.
Kite plummets first,
a muscle-bomb let loose,
talons outstretched wide
ready to tear and bruise.
This is war –
to the victor go the spoils,
rapturous raptor charges
as his bird blood boils.
Crow and Sparrowhawk circle,
reluctant to submit,
but it looks like Kite is king
and that is the end of it.

17 November - Fly-off