20 November – Nature’s gift

The presents and cards are piling up for me
and the house smells of cinnamon rolls, deliciously.
The bunting is hung and the party’s all organised,
the perfect day starts to unwrap before my eyes.
But what will you bring me to celebrate this day?
Could I request a sighting of some hares at play?
I wish I could submit a lengthy letter to you –
a wish list of everything I’d like you to do;
I’d say please strew animal encounters all through today,
preferably peppered with humour to keep the ageing blues away,
and polish up the weather till it has a brilliant shine
that lights up each wonder you intend to make mine.
But perhaps the best gift is really the surprise – the mystery –
of never quite knowing what you’re going to give me.
So I’ll set off with my friends, everything else fully planned,
but leave your gift up to your spontaneous, subversive hands.