23 November – Michelen-starred moor

If you want to taste truly gorgeous gourmet food,
don’t book a posh restaurant, head for your nearest wood,
or better yet trek for miles and climb a long, steep hill;
spread a blanket on the moor, then sit and eat your fill.
Never mind the mizzle or the fierce, gusting wind,
this is where Michelin-starred dining truly begins.
Replace fine wines with flasks of well brewed tea;
make the menu sliced spiced cake smeared in rich toffee.
What is the science behind the supremacy of outside food?
Is it working up an appetite that makes it taste this good?
Is it some kind of reaction with plain old fresh air
that creates culinary triumphs out of ordinary fare?
The best fish and chips are always eaten on the beach,
go ahead, keep testing this philosophy I preach.
I dare you to try and find something that tastes better
inside than outside, even in inclement weather.
So go on, treat yourself, dine out in your woolies,
crown yourself the connoisseur, king of all the foodies.

23 November - Michelin-starred moor