24 November – Squirrel watching

When the coloured canopy has fallen away,
look to the trees for more visible displays
of agile acrobats clad in white and grey.

Now the cover is gone, better watch them leap and fly,
treetop-bound creatures reaching for the skies,
mastering twig twine tightropes at dizzying heights.

Like everyone, I’m defensive of their more fragile, red kin,
but I can’t take against them, this is the thing,
for who can watch their antics without a grin?

Trunks, branches, gravity – each one in turn submits
to the dare-devil dancers with wings in their feet;
there’s nothing dull in how they rule and rise above the street.

So do me a favour, don’t rail against the greys
just because they accidentally drove the reds away;
simply marvel at their most impressive play.