26 November – Overindulging

Haw munchers and hip crunchers are dominating the trees
as flocks of fieldfares fan out for their flying, foraging feast.
Like locusts descending, there’s a scorched earth policy,
each gorger committed to stripping off every berry.
They eat like teenage boys with constantly bottomless appetites
that hardly even pause to swallow between endless bites.
Is there a frenzy to it, as the last Autumn days drift by,
like stockpiling groceries when you’ve got plenty put by?
Or taking another chocolate, just so you don’t miss out,
when you’re already uncomfortably full and there’s considerable doubt
that you have any room left to squeeze another mouthful in,
but still you plough on, much to your own half-horrified chagrin?
This is how I imagine they feel as their bird bellies stretch and bulge,
but of course I don’t know if it’s true as I can’t get them to divulge
what it’s like to depend so completely on seasonal fare,
and just how stark a spectre looms when the branches become bare.

26 November - Overindulging