1 December – Winter waiting

I know it was calculated planning
that led our Advents to fall
in December’s darkening nights.
But I am glad of it all.
For Winter draws us to waiting,
waiting for growth and light.
So why on earth not remember
waiting for the coming Christ?
The trees are fasting their colours,
they’ve shed all their crowns at his feet,
and I study their bold emptiness
as I wait for the strength to seek.
The wind carols lyrics of longing,
the night draws close to see
the watching candles all lit
for a man from Galilee.
He too found meaning in nature,
shared pictorial lessons of wild
to parable profound promises
with the sage simplicity of a child.
So I turn my heart’s full attention
to listen and quietly look
at the Winter world around me
as it opens his truth like a book.