5 December – Dot to dot puzzles

All across the field, like dot to dot puzzles,
are the hilly remains of moles’ secret bustles.
If only they were numbered, we would be able to chart
the lines they have tunnelled in their underground art.
Then we could perceive what they’re drawing below,
but alas it’s all a muddle, so we will never know
what masterpieces they’re making out of all that soil,
and so most people conclude that all they do is spoil
the smooth green turf that is so highly prized,
negating their creating, and seeking their demise.
But I suggest their work is perhaps misunderstood,
it’s not necessarily fly-tipping, it might be rather good.
Just because it’s abstract and a little hard to fathom,
doesn’t mean it’s not deserving of a bigger fandom.
So let’s hear it for the moles and their unconventional school,
they’re not the first artists to break a few rules!