7 December – Inside nature

Why does it cause such extreme delight
when we bring various elements of nature inside?
Cut flowers in the kitchen spreading scent through the air,
animals scampering about, creating havoc everywhere!
Pot plants on the landing, blooming courtesy of the heating,
all bring a sense of the great outdoors (while only slightly cheating).
And the the pinnacle of it all, I’m sure you must agree,
that moment each December when we bring inside a tree.
We move the furniture over, squeeze past branches every day,
but exclaim “no it absolutely isn’t even slightly in the way!”
We add to our living room grove by bringing the tree some company,
bedecking every remaining surface with mistletoe and holly.
And nothing else we buy or make can really quite compete
with the ever-greens and berry reds we string out and spin in wreaths.
Is there something deep within me that half longs to live outside?
Even though I’m so far beyond even trying to acclimatise
to life really and truly lived underneath a tree –
that would be too much of getting inside nature for me!