8 December – Social pariah

Snow is the stuff of winter legends,
elusive and long anticipated.
And its warmer sibling rain
is usually at least tolerated –
after all, it’s always good for the plants
and in heatwaves achieves celebrity status –
it’s only when it drenches on and on
that we long for a brief hiatus.
But spare a thought for the middle child,
wanted by no one and nothing at all.
Yes, everyone moans and groans
when sleet decides to fall.
It’s a byword for disappointment,
close the door on it, keep it away,
“why can’t you just be snow?”
we complain to it in dismay.
To be fair it soaks to the bone,
and inflicts an icy chill,
with none of the beauty or fun
that gives snow its superior thrill.
But should it really be treated
as such a social outcast?
Do we always have to greet it
with nothing but lambast?
I admit I am struggling to find
attributes to positively celebrate
but perhaps I can still summon
some kind of compassion to commiserate
with the endless cold shoulders
it experiences from us all,
and resolve to be a bit more polite
next time it comes to call.