12 December – City sightseeing

People think, in the countryside, you’ll always find more,
but I confess I still miss the city sights I used to see before
when my friends lived in Leeds at Foxcroft Mount
and I honestly met more foxes than I could count.
Each would slink along boldly with an almost feline grace,
at surprising odds with the habit of then sticking its face
in any rubbish it could rootle through to find choice fare,
before looking up to fix on you with a nonchalant stare.
It’s true, now we’re in Nidderdale, we are spoilt with sightings
– kingfishers, otters, stoats, hares and myriad more to delight in –
but I haven’t seen a single fox since we’ve all moved out here,
and I do often wish one would magically appear
with its burnished bright coat glinting in the moon,
blessing me breathless with beauty even as it leaves too soon.