19 December – Budget skiing

Other people can seek perfect powder at Val d’Isère
or hurtle down the Matterhorn in crisp Swiss alpine air.
But I don’t see the need to spend a fortune on the slopes,
no, slithering close to home is where I’m pinning all my hopes.
I won’t need to hire or buy any smart, specialist equipment
to experience the thrills of sliding and speeding fulfilment.
Instead, I’ll head for the muddy fields of glorious Nidderdale,
which, at this time of year, never disappoint or fail
to offer up the chance to chase a hazardous black run,
and enjoy the plummeting high of downright dangerous fun.
Never mind watching the forecast for news of snow and ice,
the quagmire readily waiting will more than adequately suffice.
Here I can still break my leg, but it’s absolutely free,
yes, budget Yorkshire skiing is the Winter sport for me!