20 December – Spider-Bird

Now the trees are stripped back, it’s easier to see
the antics of Spider-Bird as he ascends trunks vertically.
I believe he has super powers to so conquer gravity
whatever experts conclude about the design of his feet.
I love to watch him spiral up, following his helical path,
as he forages for the bugs he resembles, hidden in the bark.
I’ll never tire of marvelling at his Herculean hops
or his sudden daredevil descents, when he abruptly stops.
I think he deserves a flashier suit, more befitting an action man,
but I suspect his very blending in is just part of his master plan
to dominate the creeping world by beating them all at their game,
which is perhaps also why he usually assumes a pedestrian name.
But I will not call him ‘Treecreeper’ as it so woefully understates
the brilliant thrill of wonder he miraculously creates.