21 December – Winter solstice

This is the turning point,
light will soon seize the upper hand,
lengthening and strengthening
its daily winning stand.
Minutes more each day now
in a slow, quiet ticking gain,
inching us closer to warm
despite cold, bleak refrains.
But on this final darkening day,
Weather has joined the losing side,
shrouding the morning in dismal,
helping the southerning sun to hide.
If I didn’t know the science, or the date,
or the hope of all ahead,
I might be tempted by the gloom
to surrender to creeping dread.
But instead I fix on the promise of change
and chivvy myself to rally,
whatever my senses say,
Spring is about to start her tally.
In a few more weeks for sure now,
I will wake to morning light,
and my treasured late afternoons
will no longer belong to the night.