27 December – Chasing Narnia

There’s been no snow in the valley to whiten our Christmas,
but there on the tops, glistening bright in the distance,
a flurry of fine icing has been liberally spilled,
crafting impromptu Christmas cakes out of the hills.
It’s like it’s been arranged to lure me up to the heights
in search of ever elusive Narnian delights.
Whether planned or spontaneous, the results are the same,
I can’t beat Winter when it plays this kind of game.
I’ll have to respond by ascending to the drifts
to receive the promised crunch and swift spirit lifts
that hover on horizons where cloud and cover meet.
Yes, until I obey this summons, I’m doomed to itchy feet.
But for now I take another piece of Turkish delight,
mix up frothy hot chocolate, and everything’s all right.
There’s more than one way to re-live my favourite story –
though dwelling in White Witch world misapplies the allegory!

27 December - Chasing Narnia