30 December – Fluffed up

The wind chill has iced the air to several degrees below
and it takes an age to layer up before I dare to go
outside and brave the cold that pierces my thick coat
and the dense woollen scarf that’s woven round my throat.
I look at the tiny birds and shudder at their miniature forms
before I remember their fluffing up is the model for all my warm.
My down coat here and duvet at home mimic their heating system,
layering up feathers and body-warmed-air in eider-inspired wisdom.
I reappraise my view and imagine the birds looking back at me,
assessing my futile attempts to keep warm rather pitifully,
cosily inhabiting pom-pom poses of impressive winter adaptations,
and rolling their eyes at my insufficient, knock-off clothing contraptions.

30 December - Fluffed up