3 January – Temptation

When the twelve days of Christmas are nearly all done
and back to work and school have almost begun;
when you’re trying to start a well behaved January diet
and hoping you can keep the continuing cravings quiet…
the last thing you need is to encounter temptation
in the form of seemingly expertly baked vegetation.
But yesterday, the snow was falling and amid the sludgy bog,
what should I discover but an enormous Yule log?!
I knew it wasn’t chocolate but the damage was already done,
right there on my healthy walk, loomed a spectre of sweeter fun.
How am I supposed to resist when nature and confectionary conspire
to conjure huge reflections of the objects of my desire?
The bark became the thickest fudge icing that I ever saw
and the snowy sprinkles topping it only made me want it more.
No matter that I couldn’t actually consume this effigy
when I could simply head for home, and so effortlessly
raid the leftover treats that had been so nobly put away,
shutting up the resolutions instead to revisit some other day.