13 January – Snowflake spotting

Every snowflake
has a unique face,
yet they fall from the sky in crowds.
So easy then to miss
each silent, perfect kiss
as they cover the ground in clouds.

Just so with all of us
when we neglect to fuss
over each one’s wonder and worth,
consigning some to statistics
and others to sheer logistics
as we strive to make our own way on earth.

If only we could slow the flow down,
have time to prevent overwhelm-drown
and see each six-fold symmetrical star,
the world would no longer be the same
for we could hope to learn every name,
and understand all those stories and scars.

But so thick and fast they fall
we don’t really see them at all
as they fly, float, fall, lie or die…
And so we must concede,
life is lived at speed,
even as we bravely continue to try.