5 February – Snow sculpting

There is a deep, delicious and powerful joy
in turning fresh-fell snow into a sculpting toy;
out in the magic, making more with your hands,
seizing a moment you can’t schedule or pre-plan;
knowing it’s fleeting, as will be your creation
as it shrinks before the sorcery of evaporation.
Forget clay or play dough, it will always pale
next to forming white stuff figures at colossal scale.
Yesterday, I broke tradition, and swiftly crafted a rabbit,
which I think, on reflection, might become a new habit.
I felt a special glee when the ears stood up tall,
and all the twiggy details had me totally enthralled.
If only every afternoon included such fun,
I wouldn’t mind the cold, or miss the absent sun.
If only every work out involved building with snow,
I’d never make excuses, I’d definitely always go.