8 February – The returning

Deep in the earth,
it’s already begun.
Sleeping bulbs are waking –
the aconites have come.
Even when fresh snow falls,
something is now in motion
that can no more be deterred
than the tidal pull of oceans.
In a few short weeks now,
anemones will bloom,
tulips will proudly unfurl –
colour will be here soon.
The flower wave is starting,
each arrival swelling the good,
the quickening is hastening,
bluebells will swiftly fragrance the wood.
And every opening is welcome,
tumbling over itself in yearning
to lay out nature’s best carpet
for the first swallows’ returning.
Yes, the swallows will return my love,
the garden will grow again,
apple blossom is near now,
Spring is just down the lane.

8 February - The returning