14 February – You wooed me with catkins

You wooed me with catkins when I was young,
when our love was simple and budding-begun;
when we collected piles of soft pussy willows
and I told the school hall how the wind blows.

You drew me deeper to you with the ocean,
where the pull of your tides washed my soul wide open.
You won me completely out on your moors,
as I learnt your wonders like never before.

You always pursue me, wherever I go,
waiting at each window, ever eager to show
river, mountain, desert, whatever you can find
to keep your magnetism mesmerising my mind.

I cherish your wild, unpredictable ways,
the surprises you give me, the times you amaze.
I’ll spend my life exploring your beauty –
protecting you is both my joy and my duty.

I respect your anger, and even your raging,
I grieve with you when you are cracked and shaking.
I long to hold you and calm you again;
to rock you to rest – to ease your pain.

I will love you each day, till death do us part,
and your soil embraces my stilling heart.
I will dream of the day you don’t spoil or fade,
where your life is forever and ever re-made.

14 February - You wooed me with catkins