16 February – Nocturnal empathy

We’re desperate for the longer days and the growing greater light –
the shorter nights, the dampened dark, the medicine of bright.
But how do the night watch feel as the shadows ebb away
and their freedom is restricted by brutally advancing day?
Do they live their year in reverse, working towards Winter solstice,
greeting the gathering gloom as a time of peace and solace?
Do they spend the summer season moaning about the light,
counting down the days till there are more hours in the night?
I expect they take some comfort in warmer times at least
and in the bi-product of more sun resulting in better feasts.
But still, I feel I must temper my lengthening day celebrations
in deference to nocturnals and their likely sinking sensations.
And as for those who’ve spent Winter in the joy of hibernation,
well, there must be part of them that feels pure consternation!