23 February – Stealth attack

Who threw scores of paint balls
at poor defenceless Hazel,
when she was rooted in the hedgerow,
unable to fight or flee?
And to add insult to injury,
when her limbs were bare,
stripped of any cover
to protect or distract?
Doesn’t she look a sight now
with a hundred splodges,
staining her slender figure
with round yellow welts?

‘’I did it, I did it,’’
pipes up proud Lichen,
when I get close enough to see.
‘’I think she looks quite fine
in experimental haute couture,
and while we’re talking,
would you really deny me
somewhere to grow?
It’s taken me a long time
to achieve this look
so if you don’t appreciate it,
just move on!’’

23 February - Stealth attack 1