27 February – Redecorating plans

If I were to decorate my house
exactly as I choose,
I’d paper the walls with skeleton leaves
and carpet the living room
with bluebells wall to wall
and a rich snowdrop swirl,
my style would unashamedly be called
‘whimsical flower girl’.
My bedroom would be an arbour
of blossoming cherry trees
that would scatter me with petals
as I lay fast asleep.
The hall would be thick with lilies,
their scent drifting up the stairs.
Hyacinth and honeysuckle
would sweeten the bathroom’s air.
The banisters would be twisted jasmine,
the kitchen floor lined with ferns,
and everything would flourish at once
rather than taking its turn.
I’d find some space for tea roses,
for both their scent and sight,
and light would break through the foliage,
so I’d live in dappled delight.
I’d also need some lavender,
but I’d be running out of space,
and then I’d just want more
till I needed a bigger place.
I expect I’d reach the point at last
where I’d finally understand,
my extreme home decor spree
wasn’t such a master plan.
For soon they’d be no room for me
but still so much I’d left behind –
so perhaps I’ll just fill a vase or two
and leave the rest of the flowers outside!

27 February - Redecorating plans