29 February – An extra day

What would I see on one extra day?
It’s easy for me to imagine
those elusive hours
through rose tinted bowers.
Perhaps I’d capture
the creatures that elude
and the moments
that escape me.

Where would I go with one extra month?
It’s easy for me to chart journeys
that chase the northern lights
on husky-pulled sled rides.
Perhaps I’d experience
that unfulfilled desire
and the plans
that escape me.

What would I do with one extra year?
It’s easy for me to devise projects
and brilliant schemes
that further my dreams.
Perhaps I’d pursue
the paths that intimidate
and the opportunities
that escape me.

How would I live one extra life?
It’s easy for me to picture
being in many diverse places
behind hundreds of different faces.
Perhaps I’d master
some better skills
and learn the lessons
that escape me.

Time is a strange beast isn’t it?
It’s easy for me to admit
I so often want more,
but what on earth for?
Perhaps if I really grasped
the hard-to-hold minutes of now,
so much less
would escape me.

29 February - An extra day