1 March – Spring’s switch

Finally, it’s the first of March
and I want to clap my hands.
Spring is officially here
so Winter must be banned.
But this morning’s misty cold
just underlines how wrong I am;
seasons don’t switch like that
in a neat, calendared plan.
Instead they wrestle and tussle
in a back and forth tug of war,
repeatedly alternating
which one features more.
Yesterday I wore no coat
on a beautiful sun-kissed day
when the air was still and fragrant
and February felt like May.
I flung the back door open
and sat on the terrace to read,
but today I’m back huddled inside –
it feels like it was just a dream.
Spring’s colours are surely starting
but Winter has not gone away,
frosting the mornings with white,
overcasting the yellows with grey.
They say March enters like a lion
but then leaves again like a lamb,
so I guess I have to be patient
and keep waiting the best I can.