5 March – Unruly housemates

We love the resident birds who share our home turf space –
so much so we make sure to give all of them names.
But Mavis the blackbird is sinking in our estimations
since she took up her new hobby of veg bed devastation.
She systematically works her way up and down the strawberry bed,
flinging out compost and runners in the hope of being fed
on choice worms and spiders that might be hiding there,
with no thought for our garden plans – it really isn’t fair.
Now her husband Cyril is copying her disruptive tricks,
dislodging the raspberry cane soil with destructive little flicks.
We’ve tried shouting and clapping to inspire some form of repentance
but they seem completely unaffected, so it looks like grudging acceptance
is the only option open to us now they’re committed to this path –
it’s time to quit the intended reform we’re imagining on their behalf.