9 March – Rebranding exercise

March seems bent on redressing its flowery reputation,
rebranding itself as a gangster coldly terrorising the nation.
Its touch is fierce and chilly, with ice in its veins,
it may have Spring’s beauty but it’s inherited Winter’s brains.
The truculent child of both, warring within its own self,
the minute it tends to warmth, it regresses to something else.
No one can appease it as it stomps and blusters and blows,
whether it will tire itself into calm, nobody yet knows.
I wish it would get past its tantrums – accept its calendar place,
get on with ushering in growth, take to sunnily smiling with grace.
But it still seems insistent on holding out for redefinition,
asserting its tougher side and seeking Winterly recognition.

9 March - Rebranding exercise